who we are

The TOSS program is our vision for helping underfunded schools organize and support their students with the right tools to succeed in their education. It is our hope and dream for the future to see TOSS positioned in every community encouraging social responsibility and making a difference for students. Education is the bases for success in any society and The TOSS Program is providing students with the necessary tools to succeed in education. Hence, Tools Organize Successful Students is our acronym. 

Our goal is to educate, celebrate, motivate, and inspire students to identify ways to spread the TOSS idea and to help schools in their communities by recycling the tossed out supplies to be used to their full length of life. With strategic partnerships TOSS is planning to expand nationwide. We know with your help and the sponsors help we can supply millions of children succeed. We believe: Tools Organize Successful Students. 


Since 2014 the amount of students receiving free or reduced lunch in San Diego has increased by over 1,700 students. These students are placed at a disadvantage in the classroom as their families do not have the economic resources to purchase school supplies. Our donations make a direct impact on the lives of these students and provide the tools for them to succeed in education. 

TOSS September 2017 Delivery 

50% of students in San Diego are receiving free or reduced lunch which amounts to over 240,000 students. In California, this number rises to 58% and accounts for over 3,00,000 students.
— kidsdata.org